Uncategorized April 10, 2023

Grievance Day is Approaching

For those who feel that their property taxes are too high, you have the right to grieve your taxes with your local assessor. Every May, most towns in New York will allow a property owner to make a case as to why they are paying too much property tax. There are two things to consider – first, if you are thinking of selling, be careful that you don’t get your assessed value lowered as it may cause buyers to question your sale price if the difference is substantial. Second, if you decide to go forward and grieve your assessment, you must be prepared to justify your reasons. This means that you will have to do some homework and show how other similar properties are assessed lower. Don’t do one or two. Go with at least three properties and make sure they are similar in as many ways as possible.

When you are ready, you will need to use Form RP-524, Complaint on Real Property Assessment to grieve your assessment. The form can be completed by yourself or your representative or attorney. File the grievance form with the assessor or the board of assessment review (BAR) in your city or town. Check with your local assessor to see what the deadlines are and establish a day and time to meet to make your case.

The bottom line – if you are going to grieve your property tax assessment, BE PREPARED!